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If you want to learn more about us, you’re in the right place. Read below to find out how to connect with us online, my story, and my hopes for the future.

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Our story

Hi, I’m Ryan and this is my story and the story of this site.  I have recently discovered the haegeum and as people do, I have watched countless hours of haegeum performances and song covers performed using the haegeum. Recently, I have begun learning to play the haegeum and wanted to create a place for myself as well as others to experience and learn about haegeum.  

On this site, I hope to introduce the haegeum to people outside, as well as inside, Korea who may not know about or understand the instrument.  There will also be information about how to play, where to see performances, the products used and instruments themselves, and opportunities to own one yourself. As this site grows, so will the popularity of this wonderful instrument.  

Here is a brief introduction to the haegeum. Eda Haegeum is a popular YouTuber. She has made this video creative commons for all to use. Our site is not yet affiliated with her directly, but we are fans.